X Berry Gel Pen Bullet Tip 0.7mm


X Berry Gel Pen Bullet Tip 0.7mm

With its instant dry ink, X Berry is the ultimate gel pen
  • 0.7 mm bullet tip
  • Specially developed Korean origin gel ink delivers a superior writing experience for ultimate creativity
  • Ideal for left handed users
  • Double ball system provides super-smooth writing
  • Instant dry ink to prevent smearing and smudging
  • User friendly retractable design with an easy-to-use clip
  • Refillable body with jumbo refill inside
  • Easy to hold soft touch body with translucent barrels
  • Inspiring, fade proof ink colors matching main body colors
  • Water proof black & dark blue colors are suitable for documentary use
  • Made in Korea
  • 9 different colors

Product Colors

0.7 mm