About Us

About Us

Kemerburgaz Ofis ve Okul Gereçleri A.Ş. established in Istanbul in 2001, and since then operating in stationery sector as the major supplier of worldwide stationery sector with its own brand "Serve"

With a background of over 40 years of experience, Kemerburgaz team focus on providing various kinds of quality and innovative office and school stationery products for its customers. The aim of the company is to extend best and ethical service to our dealers with a goal of having satisfied and happy end users and as a company continue to grow in global market.

Kemerburgaz Ofis ve Okul Gereçleri A.Ş. owns brands “Serve” and “Caretta”.

“Serve” is a high quality office and school stationery brand, which provides innovative products to global stationery market. “Serve” brand emphasizes quality as well as safety in its products. All products are confirmed to be safe for human health after being tested by accredited laboratories.

“Caretta” offers different kinds of stationery products for school and office use. Caretta became a well-known brand in a short period of time due to its high quality and dynamic product range. Caretta products are environment friendly and produced under strict regulations for safety and health which have significant roles in this achievement.





While designing a new product, making a difference is our main goal. As Serve, while enriching global stationery sector with new ideas, we are working hard to provide a comfortable and an enjoyful experience for our users.